The Blueberry Hotel is a wonderful place to stay for business or pleasure. It’s fanatastic setting and proximity to public transport make it easily accessible while offering plenty of opportunities to escape and explore the surrounding area.

Our hotel is:

  • Located in the town centre of Pontypridd
  • Short distance from the train station, ensuring quick arrivals
  • Short distance from the bus station
  • Short distance from Taxi ranks
  • Close to shops and sights
  • Surrounded by interesting activities to explore in the area
  • A great place for elegant dining and receptions
  • Wheelchair accessible

Local attractions

The Old Bridge

Famous for the ‘old bridge’ which when built was the longest single spanning bridge in the world. Originally built in 1750 it took three attempts to build. The first saw a wooden bridge washed away by floods, the second saw a stone bridge collapse due to its weight, the third and final attempt was like its predecessor made of stone, however it was much lighter due to the 6 holes (3 on each side) that were put it.

Ynysangharad Park

Opened in 1923 as a War Memorial for the town, it is an area of extensive and beautiful parkland with avenues of mature trees and colourful flower gardens as well as many amenities.
There are other attractions though: miniature golf, tennis  courts, a children’s play area, bowling greens, a band stand and an open air paddling pool. Local bands play on a Sunday at the bandstand.

Pontypridd Common

The are many fine views over the town of Pontypridd to be seen from the common. In the natural open space many glacial boulders remaining from the Ice Age can be seen. One boulder, known as the Rocking Stone, is the central point for the Druid’s Circle of smaller stones which was constructed in the 19th.

The Museum

Offering a intriguing glimpse into the history of the area. The Museum is housed in the former Tabernacle Chapel built in 1861 that was refurbished in 1910.

The Market

Located on the same street as the Blueberry Hotel a market has stood on the site of the present Market since 1805. The present Market was built in the late 1870’s following the incorporation of the Pontypridd Markets Company. In spite of the savage economic decline experienced by Pontypridd and the Valleys in the 1920’sand 1930’s, the Market has survived in very much its original format. The Market Company still owns many of the properties in town. Since 1985, the Market has undergone considerable change. The Lesser Town Hall (now known as the Clothes Market) was refurbished and opened as a Market Hall in 1988, and the Outdoor Market was extended in 1988 onto a site adjoining Church Street and St. Catherine’s Street.